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This website is here to help keep alive the memories of those many service personnel and others lucky enough to have served at RAF Seletar Singapore which was an active RAF station from 1928 through to 1971 (but for a couple of years in WWII during occupation by the Japanese). During that time many thousands of people have worked there or have been associated to it in some way.

RAF Seletar has an very colourful history, laying claim to many fascinating events, visited by Royals, celebrities and global adventurers in its long years of operation.

Where are all those people who were at Seletar, whether, service, civilian or as a son or daughter of someone serving there. We would love to hear from you; this is a great way to catch up with old chums.

Click the Memories button on the left and you will hopefully find memories & photographs of people who were there. Perhaps you will find someone you know. Why not add your own memories and perhaps someone will recognise you and contact you. This website contains information regarding the history, activities and general information about Seletar. It also has memories from those who served there (Service or Civilian), those who were spouses and the children who were at Seletar Schools.

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